Thursday, March 28, 2013

the stick incident.

there were two, actually. incidents.

firstly, my parents' dog grabbed this stick out of ossi's hands. the critter ran away, giggling, and wedged his way into a narrow passage, cracking the stick near one end.
 photo _DSC2343_zps87a5ad4f.jpg
you must know that this was not just any stick. this was a grandpa gift. and ossi treasures his gifts. he remembers the giver and mentions them whenever he plays with his gifts. also, this is his jack frost stick. i'm not the only one who relates to the guy.
 photo _DSC2327_zps65d2814a.jpg
so gus the dog broke it. grandpa mended it. making it even more precious to him.
 photo _DSC2229_zps82818798.jpg
here's the second incident. 

wait, more back story. ossi has trouble expressing emotions and his mental file for available reactions to frustrations is very limited. he might be flustered, too warm, annoyed, tired, worried, anxious, scared, lonely, overwhelmed, or impatient and his expression of choice is to threaten to hurt the people around him. or actually hurt them.

after the second incident his dad sat consoling him for near an hour as he screamed terribly sad things like, "how will i protect myself now?" and "i'm not safe here anymore!" 
 photo _DSC2201_zps60696496.jpg
how do you teach a child that their family isn't out to get them when he's so otherwise certain?

i'll tell you what you don't do. you don't take his most prized possession in hand and break it into five pieces in front of his eyes. 

i am ashamed to say that my frustration file was empty. we had some very long conversations following the incident. we talked about "our team" and how safe he really is in our home. and about how wrong i was to break his stick. he forgave me.

we turned it into a decorative, treasure box. he loves it.

i'm really, really imperfect. but i'm learning.
 photo _DSC2197_zps003b611c.jpg
at first glance you may see a dangerous bully of a kid with a big stick. look at his eyes, though. doesn't this boy look lonely, and scared, and tired of fighting?


Jessica said...

I don't know you but I just love you! I have been reading your blog for some time now. I can relate with you I. So many ways and I keep you and yours in my prayers.

Alex and Lena said...

That last picture says it all. There are so many things that I want to say in response to this post. Sadly, words are not my friend. So I will simply say thank you for sharing.

Bridget said...

Oh, Megan. You are precious. In the true meaning of the word. Valued because of what you are. Precious to God and precious to Matt and precious to Ossi.