Thursday, May 16, 2013

you've never lived until you've...

i've said it before. i'll say it again... i am a a tour guide. best job ever.

welcome to earth children, let me show you how it's done.
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in the past we've done some pretty. macical. life-sampling. this summer i have a new agenda of favorites to share with my chillins. here it goes!
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*catch a creature, hold it awhile, and set it free
*press a flower and glue it to something
*read a harry potter book aloud
*fall asleep at a drive-in-movie
*jump on the beds in a hotel room
*get caught in a hail storm
*take a dog for a walk
*take a boat ride
*eat jello jigglers
*hold our breaths while driving through a tunnel
*jump off a dock
*do something for someone that they cannot do for themselves
*observe a chemical reaction
*be an audience member and clap really loud
*ambush someone with water balloons
*attend a rendezvous
*dress like ninjas and do something sneaky
*look into two mirrors that face each other and try to count all of the reflections
*decode a secret message
*have an ‘edible art’ dinner
*dress like animals and go to the zoo
*spy on someone
*visit a planetarium
*get buried up to our necks in sand
*enter a children’s art contest
*be thrown and caught in a blanket
*pick berries and make a pie
*write our own song
*perform in a play
*roller skate under a disco ball
*ride on a train
*build a robot that does something cool
*sleep on the trampoline
*climb a rock wall
*invent something useful
*send a message in a bottle
*catch a fish and eat it
*have a handstand contest
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oh, yes. this is happening. 

1 comment:

Laura said...

So insipring!!!
I'll make a live list, too. In this way I can be sure this summer ain't gonna run away without remembering it.